About us

We're ALAYAH NOELLE, a new women's shoe line from Atlanta, GA. We pride ourselves in creating comfortable shoes with an elegant, sophisticated styling for the movers and shakers of our great community. 

In a small batch factory, our shoes are manufactured with the highest grade leather by craftsmen almost entirely by hand. Using premium quality raw materials and keeping our production batches to a minimum, we are able to offer products that are unique in style, comfort and durability.

At ALAYAH NOELLE, we believe our customers shouldn't have to break the bank or pay for a brand's big endorsement tab to own and wear premium apparel. We do the hard work of building a value supply chain and passing those savings to our customers, without compromising on quality. 

We also believe in promoting great, inspiring everyday women of our amazing city. We proudly call them our ANbassadors. Follow our blog for an on-going series that feature these amazing women and their stories, talents and businesses.   

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